Projects and series

Corporate communication

As a visual artist, Isabelle Grosse has developpped along the years a specific approach in portrait photography. Isabelle Grosse can be commissioned for Annual Reports, PR, Marketing Materials and Brochures, Events, Company Publications, Websites, Catalogues, Resumes, LinkedIn profiles and Press Releases.


model : Marie Schruoffeneger, dancer.

Ubi_Screen at UCLA (Los Angeles)

Isabelle Grosse was invited by UCLA in May 2016 as a speaker during the Diasporas Mini Lab Day to talk about her project Ubi_Screen.

Structures in Chaos

"Structures in Chaos" questions the widespread belief in rationality or, more accurately, our assumption that reasoned decisions govern our daily lives

Ubi_Screen, interactive web movie

an interactive web movie about intimacy


A collaboration with the super model and artist Anna Tokarska


During several weeks, Isabelle Grosse followed Lydie, a woman in charge of warming up the audience during a talk show. At the same time, the artist went on the autonomous port of Havre to film and photograph the ceaseless ballet of the arrangement of containers in docks.


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Through the project “UPSTREAM” Isabelle Grosse develops various interactive installations that question collective mobility.



In her older videos, Isabelle already addresses questions related to different kinds of shaping processes

STREAMS, video series


a video series about human streams

Cache : moi

In this series, Isabelle Grosse asked to her models to pose "feeling hidden". A work performed at Palais de Tokyo (Paris)

Outlinings of crowds


Isabelle Grosse has developed a personal visual process called “Outlining”, in which she frames groups within her photographs to reveal collective forms.

Outlinings of cityscapes and landscapes


Isabelle Grosse has developed a personal visual process called “Outlining”, in which she frames groups within her photographs to reveal collective forms.

Outlinings of items


Isabelle Grosse has developed a personal visual process called “Outlining”, in which she frames any kind of groups within her photographs to reveal collective forms.

Ongoing projects

Auditioning Genders

« Auditioning Genders » is a project on photographic portrait that questions the notion of gender from an intimate perspective.

For this particular approach to portraiture, Isabelle Grosse asks her models to bring out a personal gendered quality with which they are not socially identified.


To sum up briefly the whole protocol, the artist will ask a man or a woman to project visually, what they feel inside that belongs to the opposite sex and that they do not openly express in their social life. To go beyond the male-female dichotomy, the artist will also suggest that her models choose from several genders: for instance, the 7 “kinds” that some North American universities present on their application forms.

Artistic goal
Isabelle Grosse wants to avoid caricatured photographs; the models are not asked to perform and play another gender but to draw on their emotions and personal experience.
Auditioning Genders is a process that wants to capture the living effervescence of genders that coexist within us and make them emerge in a peaceful coexistence through the photographic work.
Auditioning Genders is also about the photographic act of shaping genders.

With this project, the artist continues her work on frameworks and forms, both social and aesthetic structures.

Who are the models chosen by the artist?

The artist wants to invite anyone who wishes to question their “genders within”: whether people who are already engaged in such reflections such as certain outspoken “trans”, or “the man or woman on the street” who want to listen to their inner self.

Final work
Auditioning Genders will be a series of photographic portraits and printed conversations  that happened between the artist and the models. Each portrait will consist of a photograph and a text associated with it.

Auditioning Genders is a project that aims to accommodate different cultures and social contexts. Los Angeles where a diversity of genders has been commonly integrated for decades is a necessary and emblematic stage of the project journey.

« Auditioning Genders » est un projet sur le portrait photographique qui questionne la notion de genre selon un point de vue intimiste.

Dans cette approche du portrait, Isabelle Grosse invite ses modèles à faire surgir à l’image un genre pour lequel ils ne sont pas identifiés socialement.


A titre d’exemple et de manière simplifiée, l’artiste demandera à un homme ou une femme d’exprimer à l’image, ce qu’il ressent en lui du sexe opposé et qu’il n’exprime pas clairement dans sa vie sociale. Mais, au delà d’une dichotomie féminin-masculin, l’artiste proposera à chaque modèle de choisir parmi plusieurs genres tels que ceux qui figure dans la liste des 7 genres des formulaires d’inscription de certaines universités nord-américaines.

Démarche artistique

Isabelle Grosse cherche à éviter les images caricaturales; il ne s’agit en aucune manière de se projeter dans un autre genre et de le jouer. Auditioning Genders est un processus qui interroge le bouillonnement vivant de genres qui existent à l’intérieur de nous et d’en proposer par le surgissement photographique une forme de coexistence apaisée.

Il est aussi question par l’acte photographique de la mise en forme des genres.

Dans ce projet, l’artiste poursuit ainsi son travail sur les cadres et les formes socialement structurantes.

Quels sont les modèles choisis par l’artiste ?

Toute personne désireuse de s’interroger sur les genres qu’elle abrite intérieurement.

L’artiste fera donc participer aussi bien des personnes qui sont déjà très engagées, tels que les transsexuels, que « monsieur ou madame tout le monde » souhaitant effectuer ce travail d’audition intérieure.

Production finale

L’objet du travail est la production d’un corpus de portraits photographiques et d’un ensemble de textes issus des conversations qui auront lieu avec chaque modèle pendant les séances de pose. Chaque portrait sera constitué d’une photographie et d’un texte qui s’y rattache.

Différentes localisations

Auditioning Genders est un projet qui a vocation à voyager et à s’inscrire dans différentes cultures et contextes sociaux.

Une étape nécessaire et emblématique passera par Los Angeles où la question du genre est communément intégrée depuis plusieurs décennies.